Congratulations to our First IB Students

The NewGate School is proud to announce that our first group of IB students, Braeden Allen, Candace Powell, Patrick Wheeler and Evelyn Baldwin successfully earned their IB Diploma or IB Certificates.

Their achievements are well-deserved, and they are now more than ready to go on to the next step of their educational journey at many outstanding schools.

We want to once again warmly congratulate the Class of 2017, their families who supported them through the challenging years of our Montessori-IB secondary program, and to all of the other members of the NewGate Community who encouraged them along the way.
We wish them all the best, and we will watch for great things to follow from them over the coming years.
Since NewGate’s Montessori high school was founded in 2000, our graduates have gone on to university and beyond, pursuing their own dreams and enjoying success in fields as diverse as law, engineering, research science, international business, and the Arts to name just a few.

We celebrate all of our students, from the toddlers to next year’s Class of 2018, on their journey toward independence and fulfilling lives.
As we often say, education should be a journey, not a race.