As we begin to develop our own Middle School program we are partnering with

The NewGate School, our sister school, in Sarasota, Florida.

The New Gate School Global Campus

NewGate School’s Global Campus

Secondary Montessori Education Online for Global Scholars

The Global Classroom is a perfect fit for our school and students as we grow our Middle School program.  

This is not the typical online school. It is personal, interactive, and designed to encourage hands-on experience, collaboration, friendships, and close ties between students and their guides.

As the Lab School of the Montessori Foundation, NewGate enjoys an international reputation which has drawn families from around the USA and abroad to join us in beautiful Sarasota, Florida

NewGate also offers a Global Campus e-learning program allowing students from all over the world to continue their Montessori education in a global learning environment. 

Today, the school boasts a robust eLearning program for students from four states and three countries.

 The global classroom brings together motivated learners from around the world; creating a powerful experience for everyone involved!

Here in Key West we are pleased to receive applications from uniquely gifted, passionate learners, who enjoy a collaborative real-time learning experience. Our students proceed through an exciting and challenging international course of studies at a highly individualized pace.