About Our School

“The education of a very small child does not aim at preparing him for school but for life.” Maria Montessori

The Children’s School provides a complete and authentic Montessori environment that fosters a love of learning in our children by adhering to Maria Montessori’s teaching methods. Founded in 1972, our school is Key West’s oldest Montessori program and has earned its reputation as the island’s premier Montessori school, educating children from 18 months through 6th grade.  Our Montessori-certified educators and support staff uphold our mission of guiding children to become self-directed, cooperative, and responsible individuals of the community while building solid foundations in humanitarianism, intellectual growth, and peace.

At The Children’s School, we believe that the role of teachers and parents is to “help the child do it alone”. We allow children to learn independently through exploration at their own pace. We embrace our responsibility as early educators to these young absorbent minds and hold steadfast to the belief that children are best able to develop their abilities to the fullest when guided during sensitive periods of early childhood. We set high standards to ensure our children receive an educational experience that will maximize their potential. Our classrooms are quite unlike anything you may have experienced in education and shatter the myth that young children are distracted, loud and unruly.  On the contrary, our classrooms are peaceful, orderly environments, allowing children to thrive. We see it every day, but you need to experience it yourself to believe.  To schedule a tour email office@montessorikeywest.com or call 305.294.5302.

The Children’s School is a non-profit organization administered by a volunteer board of directors consisting of parents and community members.  The Children’s School began as a parent-run school located across the street from our present location. Our first home was a shotgun house that parents poured time and love into to create a unique learning environment for their children to grow and develop. What began as a one-classroom school has since developed into six classrooms, two of which are recognized as historical by HARC.   We offer Toddler, Primary, Lower Elementary, and Upper Elementary programs as well as aftercare, holiday, and summer camp programs.  We are fortunate to now have students in our school whose own parents attended the school when they were children. The school is an active member of our community and will continue to be for many years to come. We are honored each time a parent entrusts their child’s education to The Children’s School.

We are members of the (IMC) International Montessori Council and the (AMS) American Montessori Society.