Use your Montessori toolkit

I can 'Montessori' many aspects of my life. I can provide a place in my home for my children to get their own snacks and drinks independently. I can help prepare my children's rooms so they can pick out clothes and dress themselves independently. I can provide an organizational system so all their toys, books, [...]

Let’s set the Table

Let's set the table. First, we open placemats. Next, let's put the plates down. Find the big circle. Next is cups. Let's find the small circle. And forks. Last is napkins. Let's put them on top of our plates. The daily dialogue we use when setting our picnic tables for group snack. Not only does [...]

I Offer you Peace, I Offer you Love…

'I offer you peace, I offer you love, I offer you friendship'. These are the beginning statements in our Ghandi's Prayer for Peace. What a novel concept?! Offering peace, love, and friendship. Who doesn't want to receive all of those things? And when receiving them, you often want to give them in return. Part of [...]