January Spanish Lime Newsletter

Dear Spanish Lime Families,

Happy New Year, I hope you all had a lovely winter break! I was lucky enough to see snow in Chicago, my home town.  It was a negative wind-chill most of the time but Chicago got a bit of a relief for a few days. The “heat wave” of barely 15 degrees allowed for some outdoor experiences like ice skating, snowmobiling and a quick trip to the Wisconsin Dells with the family. Happy to be back in the warmer climate of the Keys!

Now that we are heading through the month of January the Spanish Limes will be reviewing The Story of Humans. Many students have already begun their research on human migration; have looked at the timeline of early humans and their fundamental needs, while others have been more interested in the Native American unit study focusing on particular tribes in different regions across the United States. We will be wrapping these lessons up by the end of the month.

Our next focus will be on The Fourth Great Lesson: The Story of Language. This story is divided into three parts. The first part discusses the birth of human speech; the second part looks at the beginnings of the alphabet and focuses on writing. The third part encompasses the subject of reading and how the invention of paper allows us to see and speak language. By using these three stories, all three components of language – speaking, writing and reading are introduced in a narrative way!

January 31st at 5:30 is the second lower elementary Parent Education Night. All are welcome to attend this event. I will be reviewing The First and Second Great lessons told in the last October’s parent education night. I have planned to proceed with the story telling and will continue to narrate the third and fourth great lessons, The Coming of Humans and The Story of Language. After the stories are told you will have a chance to see the follow up lessons and research that surrounds the curriculum.

The Children’s Schools Annual Gala is approaching on Saturday, January 20th. This event is the perfect date night that includes dinner, a silent auction and a comedy show!  Those that attended last year, you will remember that each classroom put together a themed based basket full of goodies to be auctioned off in our silent auction. This year our class is putting together an ART BASKET! I will send out a sign up if you would like to purchase items for the basket. When you drop off your basket item, please attach a copy of the receipt so I can get an estimate of the total cost for the basket as a starting bid. Please let me know if you have any great ideas to add! Let’s make it a great auction basket! The more it is auctioned for, the more that is able to go towards The Children’s School Scholarship Fund!


Ms. Sally