October Kapok Newsletter

Welcome back, Kapok families!!

I hope all of you fared well, and your houses and lives were not overly affected by Irma. Thank you for all the concerned emails. Ms. Erin’s house and my own are in good condition and did not sustain any damage. What a humbling experience this has been!!

I am so happy to be back at school, and I can tell the children are too. We all needed to get back to the comfort of our daily routine. Routine gives children (and adults) a sense of security, and a sense of mastery handling their life. Back at school, Kapoks stepped right back into their work. On our first day back, we shared about hurricane experiences and our feelings. You would probably be relieved to know all Kapoks shared positive experiences and feelings about the storm and their “vacation.” As a parent myself, I know it was a stressful time, and all the work it took to keep it as stress-free and “normal” as possible. You did a great job.

We will jump right into our Fall curriculum – learning about leaves, seasons and of course pumpkins, pumpkins and more pumpkins.

During October, we will start our unit study of the Human Body.
As we fall back into our routine, please remember to:

Sign in/out – Please sign your child in and out daily.
Be on time – As your child re-adjusts to the school routine, please be mindful of the school schedule. School starts at 8:00 in the playground and at 8:30 in the classroom.
Nap- Please send a crib sheet for the nap/rest mat and a small blanket. In the previous years, we encouraged to bring the mat covers and blankets only for the nappers, but we found the nap/resting mats are cold and the children will relax their body well if the rest mats are comfortable for them.
Extra snack for aftercare – Please pack an extra snack for aftercare in a Ziplock bag labeled “aftercare.”

Some events have been re-scheduled. Please be sure to mark your calendars with the new IMPORTANT DATES:

– Friday, October 6th@5:30 – Potluck Welcome

– Friday, October 6th@6:15 – Corporation meeting (on campus) **Our classroom is responsible for the break down/clean up**

– Wednesday, October 11th@5:30 – Parent Ed Night

– Friday, October 13th@5:30 to 9pm P.J. Party

– Saturday, October 14th@9:00 to 12 p.m. – Free Positive Discipline Workshop (Childcare Provided)

– Thursday, October 19th and 20th – Gumbo Limbo Bake Sale
Thank You
Ms.Erin and Ms.Karina