October Kapok Newsletter

Dear Kapok Families,

This is our first newsletter of the year! These letters are a great way to learn about the happenings in the classroom as we progress through the year together.            Here you will find our classroom and primary-program-specific events and pertinent details for each month.

School wide events are addressed in Amy’s introductory school newsletter.

With the first few weeks behind us, we have been busy welcoming new friends, getting to know one another, learning how we can harmoniously operate together, and becoming accustomed to our daily rhythm. Topics we have discussed and continue to practice within our community have been primarily grace and courtesy lessons, which
Using our walking feet in the classroom,
Asking for permission to observe someone’s lesson,
Waiting for others to speak before we speak,
Asking for permission to show affection to a friend (hugs),
Returning our work to the shelf the way we took it off the shelf,
Respecting work and personal space,
And much more.

Our Kindergarten Kapoks have begun some of the more challenging and “big work” of their Kindergarten year. It is a beautiful thing to see their interest in big work create a culture of curiosity and focus from some of our younger friends. As our Kindergarten friends are building words and forming foundations for reading, the younger friends are eager to catch up. I find myself giving many letter sound lessons (per request). The Montessori approach of mixed-age classrooms is a joy to watch unfold.

Our class had the pleasure of hosting the school’s first bake sale of the year, and I am in such gratitude of how everyone came together to produce such a lovely event. Many of the goodies created looked like they belonged in a shop window-—they were gorgeous and delicious! Thank you to all who donated treats and/or their time to the event.

As October unfolds, we are introducing the concept of seasons, and the classroom has had an Autumn “makeover.” We have discussed that in many places on planet Earth there are trees that lose their leaves during the year. Autumn is the time of year when leaves start to die and turn brilliant shades of orange, red, and yellow. Although, we don’t see this here in Key West, we have observed the seasonal effects in pictures and some sample pressed leaves.

Additionally we’ll be discussing human needs and our place in the universe. We will talk about roles in the family and how our basic human needs are satisfied. We will discuss our place in the universe developing a sense of wonder and oneness with the universe in which we live.

Classroom Events:
October 7th @ 8:30 a.m.: Kapok Class and Individual Photos
October 25th @ 8:45 a.m.: Sandra’s Birthday Walk
October 30th @ 8:45 a.m.: Mia’s Birthday Walk

The Kapoks are looking for a room parent. This role is to help organize a few events during the year with other Kapok Families. Please let us know if you’re interested. Additionally, please check out our Kapok Amazon wish list, which is always being updated with books and supplemental materials. Thank you to the families who have purchased from the wish list already—our new tables, books, and supplemental materials are such a lovely addition to the classroom. We also have a lightly used donation list that is regularly updated.

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Peace + Plants,
Ms. Casey