October Kapok Newsletter

Dear Kapok families,

September was filled with setting ground rules in the classroom, practicing grace and courtesy using lessons and books, learning how to greet people and how to solve problems with our friends. Since we have a lot of new students in our class, it’s been wonderful watching our older friends helping younger ones and building new friendships. Montessori philosophy includes mixed age groups in order for children to learn from each other. Older students reinforce their knowledge by helping younger ones and learn how to be responsible, caring and supportive, while younger kids model their older friends and learn a lot from them.

So far, we have talked about human body and organs, listening to songs and doing group and individual lessons about it, as that was our unit study for the month of September. Kapoks really enjoyed the new book- “The Human Body.” They loved very much the activity when we traced our friend’s body on a big paper and labeled different parts of body and organs.

The second half of September was marked with the International Day of Peace. We read lots of books and talked about what peace means for us. Each friend made a peace message for our own book- “What is peace, Kapok class.” The answers they all gave were amazing. We are truly happy to get to learn from those little people every day and are looking forward to learning much more.
Our students were creative and made peace necklaces that they wore during the peace walk to the Bayview park. It was a great event. Thank you to all parents and families who came to walk with us.

The month of October will be a busy one. Our unit studies will be focused on skeletons, vertebrates and invertebrates, and pumpkins… We are hoping for another great month. There are lots of new things to learn and enjoy!
Please, don’t forget to mark your calendar:
October 10 Wednesday Primary Parent Education Evening 5:30pm
October 15 Monday Professional Day 1-No students

Thank you for your support,

Ms. Ivana and Ms. Jayci