October Gumbo Limbo Newsletter

Dear Gumbo Limbo Families,
I hope this newsletter finds you and your loved ones well and hope that your loss was not too great,  now that Irma has passed and the Keys begin to recover.We are fortunate that our school property was only slightly damaged, and with the help of many families is looking great!

The children have been getting back into the swing of things and seem very happy to be back. They have been catching up with each other and sharing stories of their adventures during their ‘vacations.’

For the month of October we will be looking and continuing our studies of vertebrates and invertebrates, with an introduction to the human body.
With all the disruption of the last month we have had to reschedule several events in our school calendar.

Important events:
Oct 6th: Our Welcome pot luck will now be on the 6th Oct at 5.30. Each class in the school is assigned an event throughout the year to either set up or break down. Gumbo Limbo is responsible for setting up this event. A sign-up sheet will be posted by the front office for anyone who wants to volunteer their time. Don’t forget you can use this time for work pay hours.  The pot luck will be directly after our Corporation meeting at 6.15 on campus.
Oct 11th : Primary Parent Ed night: What we are doing in the classroom and what the children do all day.
Oct 13th : Fun P.J party
Oct 14th: Positive Discipline Education
Oct 19th-20th: Gumbo Limbo Bake Sale! Click on the Bake Sale link above to volunteer. All proceeds of our Bake Sale will go towards new equipment and lessons for our beautiful class.
Thank you all for all the help and best wishes, we really appreciate your love and support. Love and peace Ms Nicole Ms Pascale