October Gumbo Limbo Newsletter

Dear Gumbo Limbo Families,

As the first few weeks of school is behind us, we have been getting to know each other, welcoming old friends and forging new friendships within our class. Please welcome the Cusi Family (Magno) to our primary class, who moved up from the toddler community; a wonderful addition to the Gumbo Limbo class.

The children have been learning all about the human body this month: how we need to nurture our bodies with healthy food and lots of sleep, how getting enough rest and sleep is super important with so much learning and growing, and how our bodies repair /rejuvenate themselves whilst asleep. Our bodies are truly amazing!

Speaking of healthy bodies and nutrition, thank you so much for providing such healthy foods for our snack and for the food preparation lessons. The carrot peeling lesson is in constant use, as is the juicing and apple-cutting lesson. As we move forward into fall, we will naturally progress from learning about our bodies and will begin studying all about invertebrates and vertebrates. We would love to have some tadpoles in the class. We have a tank so if you have any tadpoles in your back garden or someone you know has some, please let us know. We would love to raise some in the class and watch them grow! As we fall into autumn our unit study will also include autumn leaves and the changes that autumn brings.

Our peace walk was a hit with the children. We made special peace dove necklaces, which the children wore proudly. The walk was well-attended and we met up with May Sands Charter school along the way. We formed a huge human peace sign at Bayview Park and sang our traditional song “Light a candle for Peace.” When we asked the children later at circle time what peace meant to them, the most popular answer was showing love, peace and kindness to each other. Thank you to all who walked, supported and chaperoned this great event.

The Gumbo Limbos are looking for a room Mom or Dad. This role is to help with a few events during the year and to help organize these events with other Gumbo Limbo Families. Please let us know, we would love to share with you! Please check out our new Amazon Gumbo Limbo wish list. We have some items that we would love to have, enhancing the Gumbo Limbo classroom. Any contributions are very much appreciated. Please click on the link below


Thank you
Love and Peace
Ms.Pascale and Ms.Ann