October Banyan Newsletter

Dear Banyan Families,

We hope you all are doing well and finding peace in your way to normalization. We are very thankful for all your hard work towards cleaning up the school after the disaster, and the kids are happy to be back in their supportive classroom environment. We shared our evacuation stories with each other; it was a mixture of emotions for everyone in the classroom.

Last week we started our study of nature and fall. The classroom now has fall themed lessons in all the areas.

“The hands are the instruments of man’s intelligence.” – Dr. Maria Montessori

Anything we do with our hands can quickly register in our minds and make us feel calm through tactile sense.  Maria Montessori introduced these exotic Montessori materials for the children so the children can feel. We can follow the same theory at home too. We don’t necessarily need Montessori materials to help our kids use their hands. We can include them in many ways in our household chores. I understand that it takes time and patience to have the little friends to work with us, but you will see the difference in long run. Here are few examples for including the kids at household chores to help them take care of themselves, others and the environment

Folding Clothes

Set up their cloth for school

Scraping, cutting and peeling (child size scraper, peeler, and knife)

Watering the garden



Setting up the dinner table

And the other great way to help them use their hands at home is CRAFTING!!! Children enjoy any crafts. Even a piece of paper and a pencil will do magic. Other  ideas are playing with salt dough or play dough, making shapes with fall leaves in the yard, gluing, painting, or encouraging them to write stories using pictures.

We all know these activities, but sometimes the surroundings and our circumstances put a temporary curtain in our mind. Let’s work together to help our children feel the five senses through their hands and fulfill their inner needs that they are starving for which Dr.Montessori proved through her educational method and that we all believe in the Montessori philosophy.

October Events

October 6 –   @ 5:30 pm  Welcome back to School Potluck   

6:15 pm  Corporation Meeting                  

October 11–   @ 5:30 First Primary Parent Education Night – “What are we doing in the Classroom?”

Please join us for October school community events and the parent education night specific to the Primary families to know/learn about what are we doing in the classroom. We hold three Parent Education nights throughout the school year. It is a great opportunity to understand the Montessori education, how and what we do in the classroom with your precious little ones, the importance of Montessori materials, Montessori philosophy and much more!

October Unit Studies

Living & Non-Living


Human Body


Parts of a Pumpkin


Ms. Karthi and Ms. Niki