November Kapok Newsletter

Dear Kapok Families,

October nearly flew by! In addition to discussing different types of families, roles in our families and community, we dissected pumpkins and learned about the different parts and their life cycle. The Kapok class are all very interested in plants and gardening. We attempted to roast the seeds we worked so hard to clean, but the temperature was set too high and the seeds burnt. We will attempt again this week, in addition to making applesauce for our pumpkin patch celebration at school this Friday, November 1.

As we experienced Fantasy Fest and are nearing Halloween, it’s an important time to root your child in reality. During our community meetings at circle, we discussed how people dress up for fun, even adults, and the difference between fictional characters and real people. For example, Spider Man and Elsa are fictional characters that we can dress up as, but are not examples of something we could be when we grow up.

During the month of November, our class will continue our seasonal studies and begin to read some stories on Native American cultures. We’ll discuss cultural and spiritual relationships with the Earth and practices of gratitude across indiginous tribes of the U.S.

Socially and emotionally, our class is working on feeling empowered to speak up when we see something that we know isn’t right. Children at this age have a strong sense of order, and when others aren’t following the ground rules, it can truly cause an emotional reaction in some children. We’re finding that some friends come to an adult before they’ve spoken up for themselves (this is a new skill). Ms. Iveta and I are both supplying the children with ways to communicate for themselves when they feel something isn’t right. It’s the sense of empowerment we are fostering. Below is a list of books that reinforce these ideas if you’re interested in discussing it at home:

Let’s Talk About Body Boundaries, Consent and Respect
No Means No!
I Can Handle It!

Starting this month, Kindergarten students will participate in “reading buddies” with the Lower Elementary students. The first week will be an introductory phase where the Kindergarten students will be read to by the Lower Elementary students and welcomed into the Lower Elementary environment. Over time, our Kindergarten students will even work on some language lessons with their reading buddies. We will also introduce reading logs to our Ks, as it is something they will utilize in the Lower Elementary classroom. To say they are very eager to start is an understatement!

Classroom Events:
November 2 @ 9:00, 10:00, and 11:00 a.m.: Follow the Child
November 8 @ 10:30 a.m.: Tornado Drill
November 8 @ 2:30 p.m.: Conference Forms Sent Home for Review
November 11 @ various times: Parent-Teacher Conferences

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Peace + Plants,
Ms. Casey