November Gumbo Limbo Newsletter

Dear Gumbo Limbos,

The Gumbos would like to give a big warm welcome to Max, our new addition to the Gumbo Limbo class. With local festivities in the air and in full swing, the children were very excited to visit our local pumpkin patch. We walked from school with our chaperones (could not have done it without you) to the Pumpkin patch. The children had a splendid time, each choosing a pumpkin of their choice from the many different varieties. They played with many of the activities supplied by the MARC House and a great time was had by all. Later in the week, we had fun decorating the pumpkins and taking them home.
Speaking of pumpkins, we baked pumpkin bread as well as many delicious baked good items for our bake sale. We raised a very healthy amount $610!!!!  Thank you to all that cooked, baked, sold and supported our bake sale this year, and a special thank you goes out to our room mom, Arbor’s mom, Ms. Erron, for organizing this big event for our class. The children get really excited baking at home and bringing their baked goods in for the class.

We will be continuing our study about fall, counting the seeds in the pumpkins we just acquired, hammering nails in pumpkins, planting the seeds and seedlings into our outside beds, and learning about the concept of fall harvest. We will be exploring the different fruits, vegetables and flavors of the season. We will also look into our past by discussing Native Americans and early Americans, as well as learn about our responsibility to the Earth, nature, history and early people. Through this, we will learn about gratitude and respect for all living things. Any books related to these topics are welcome in the class. If you have anything you would like to share, it will be well-appreciated and well looked after.

The children have just been introduced to the new water table in the primary playground and it’s a hit!! Check it out! They will be enjoying this amazing great addition to the primary playground for many years –  it is so beautifully made!

“A child, more than anyone else, is a spontaneous observer of nature”
– Maria Montessori

Love and Peace,

Ms.Nicole and Ms.Pascale