November Gumbo Limbo Newsletter

Happy Fall Gumbo Limbo families,

It is November already! The Gumbo Limbo class has been growing and changing. Welcome to our new friends: Asa Blum, Mya Curtis and Andrew James. We are glad you are here!
Actually, all of the children, and the adults, continue to learn, grow and change in the Gumbo Limbo community each day. Should someone observe, our morning work cycle might go something like this?
By 9:00 a.m., each child is choosing their first activity, be it snack, a quiet chat with a friend, a book, or a specific material to sit and work with. For the next hour and a half or so this continues, with the children enjoying freedom of movement and choice of activity. The guide gives new lessons and the assistant aids children as needed. Then an interesting phenomenon takes place: false fatigue, that time in the morning work cycle when, to the untrained eye, it looks like chaos has broken out. Suddenly, every child is moving about, putting away work, using louder voices, and making bigger movements. An observer might be wide- eyed at this point! We know, however, that after a long period of work time, children need to resettle themselves. And we do not do much when this happens. We observe, redirect, and provide emotional support if needed. Within 10 to 15 minutes each child is again settling in with meaningful activity. It is a beautiful thing to observe Dr. Montessori’s Method in action.

This month we focused on:
●Continuing to learn the geometric solids: cube, sphere, cone, triangular prism, rectangular prism, triangle-base pyramid, square-base pyramid, ovoid, ellipsoid, and cylinder. We are recognizing these three-dimensional shapes in objects around the room and outdoors.
●Mixing primary colors to make secondary colors. The children enjoyed using red and yellow clay to make orange. This is a great fine motor exercise, as the clay is pinched and pulled to mix the colors.
●Celebrating all things fall! Books, life cycle pumpkin sequencing work in the Language area, scooping pumpkins in Practical Life, pin-punching and gluing leaves and leaf rubbing in Art, counting apples in Math, learning parts of a plant in Science, and studying seasons in Geography.

Worth repeating: We appreciate the effort families make to be on time each morning. Consistency and peace during transition times aids your child’s sense of well-being. Many families have taken the time to develop a little routine around saying goodbye in the morning. Thank you for trusting us to comfort and assist your child on those days when goodbyes are more challenging for them.

Please let us know via email or phone when your child will be absent. Each child is an important member of our community and is missed when not here. At group time, the children enjoy letting us know who is not present, and often ask why out of concern.

Below are a few upcoming events to mark on your calendars. Please read the school newsletter and e-mails to stay up to date on all activities in our community. November is a particularly busy month!

November 1: Celebrate Fall on Campus. The Primary classes will come together to celebrate Fall with pumpkin painting and other activities on the playground. Please arrive by 8:30 a.m. and drop off to the classroom while the playground is prepared. No costumes or face paint, please.

November 2: Follow the Child. This is a special opportunity for your child to share their Prepared Environment as they present lessons to you! This event is only for parents/guardians and child; please, no siblings allowed. Please remember: Be present with and follow your child!! Lessons are given either silently or very quietly. Focus is required, so please plan to socialize with other adults before or after this event. No photos or video, please. We will take pictures as appropriate. Sign up through SchoolCues.

November 11: Parent/Guide Conferences. Please sign up through SchoolCues for a 20-minute conference to discuss your child’s experience and growth. Be sure to review the conference report sent home by the 8th prior to attending.

Ms. Suzanne and Ms. Jill