November Gumbo Limbo Newsletter

Dear Gumbo Limbo Families,

This month, the children were excited to see a new addition to the classroom: tadpoles. Thank you so much to the Cusi Family for bringing them in, and also to Chelsea, Magno’s mom, for becoming our new Gumbo Limbo room mom. With many of the tadpoles already changing into froglets, the students grew busy with frog lessons, learning about the different stages, parts, and the life cycle of the frog.

The Pumpkin patch visit was great. The Gumbo Limbo’s enjoyed all the activities offered at the Marc House, from picking pumpkins to climbing the full sized model of a horse. When we got back to the classroom they painted and decorated their pumpkins to take home with them, and also counted the seeds from the biggest pumpkin we brought back. They enjoyed digging into the pumpkin, getting the seeds out, and getting messy! We ended up counting 425 seeds! Thank you all so much who chaperoned – we couldn’t have done it without you. A huge Thank You also to the Marc House for providing the Pumpkin Patch.

For next month’s unit study we will be looking into Living vs non Living, Mammals, Reptiles, Birds, Insects, Fish, Giving Thanks, and Calendar.

We will be adding a butter making lesson to our food prep shelf in preparation for our Harvest Share coming soon. Each of the Primary classes will be preparing a different food, the day before. The Banyans are making Stone soup, the Kapoks are making fruit kebabs, and the Gumbo’s will be preparing sliced bread and our very own butter. All the Primary classes will come together to give Thanks, serve and share each other’s food, enjoying a Harvest Share together during the morning.

Important dates:
Our Gumbo Limbo class photograph is scheduled for November 6th. If possible have your child dress appropriately for the Gumbo Limbo class photo\individual photos.

Also look out for a sign-up for ‘Follow the Child,’ coming up on December 1st. This is a time when you and your child can spend an uninterrupted amount of time in the classroom and your child can share and show you their favorite work. This is a really lovely allotted special time for your child to share their favorite work with you.

Gumbo Limbo’s November Bake Sale is also coming up soon, planned for November 15th and 16th. It’s a chance for us to bake for our class, providing new materials and new lessons for Gumbo’s students. Please Look out for the sign-up sheet in the near future for different baked goods!

Thank You all so much for your help.
Peace and love,
Ms. Ann and Ms.Pascale