November Cocoplum Newsletter

Dear Cocoplum Families:

Hello and happy autumn! It has been another amazing month of growth and excitement. We have started some new projects and continue to enjoy our days together. This month, we started Literature Circles. Literature Circles meet outside at the end of recess to read a chapter book. It has been a great way to unwind after recess and re-center.

We also took on the hefty task of helping restock the clothing pantry on Stock Island. Students composed an all-school email, wrote a blurb for a Facebook post, and made signs to advertise. After we figured out how to advertise, students cleaned and labeled bins. Thanks to their help and the help from other families at school, we filled in entire van full of clothes for people in need. On November 1, we will go to the clothing pantry to sort and organize clothes. It has been a great lesson on empathy and volunteerism.

I am so proud of the Coco Plum classes for all of their hard work each and every day. The Mindfulness lessons this month have taught us how to filter out negativity and unwanted stimuli. The last picture shows us using a strainer to strain or filter out all of the information we do not want to send to our prefrontal cortex via our Reticular Activating System. I look forward to another month of exciting work with your child!

Sincerely, Ashleigh