May Pigeon Plum News

The Pigeon Plums have been busy working on their projects for the annual Art Show on May 18th. For the Art Show projects, the toddlers have been using different mediums including items found in nature. Besides the Art Show projects, art materials are always available for the toddlers to use. There is a specific area in the toddler classroom designed to foster artistic creativity. Trays are laid out on shelves and each tray holds a different medium. Currently the Pigeon Plums are working with stickers, colored pencils, clay, glue, watercolor paint and scissors for cutting paper. Each medium is presented to the toddlers as it is meant to be used and then the magic begins, for they can use the materials however they would like. This is their opportunity to explore what each material does and what they can create with it. These opportunities to manipulate different materials and visually see the results of their work are important to the developing toddler. This not only helps them to be creative but allows them to lose themselves in the creative process, and in doing so helps them gain the ability to concentrate and solve problems.

“An artist is an explorer.” -Henry Matisse

A principle belief of Montessori is that everyone, when born, can create and problem solve. It is how that creativity is fostered that determines whether or not a child turns into a creative, problem solving adult. Creativity is innately within all of us. We need it. We need to see it, do it, and explore it to become well rounded beings. This is why in a Montessori toddler classroom we strive to instill a sense of creativity at such a young age. We begin to nourish their souls now so that they have the confidence within to be creative, independent adults.

“I create because I have a need to share the most beautiful part of my soul.” -Nikole Casassa

If you have the space within your home, I encourage you to set up a small art area for your toddler and your own inner child. It does not need to be a lot, just something simple such as a few different mediums stored in containers or jars and some sheets of plain paper. This way, they can explore freely, create, and continue to gain the concentration skills they are working so hard on within the classroom.

“It’s time to make art. My soul is hungry.” -Unknown

See you at the Art Show!
Ms. Dori and Ms. Sarka