May Gumbo Limbo Newsletter

Dear Gumbo Limbo Parents,

Thank you to all the Parents that took time out of their busy day to meet up with us and chat about your child for Parent/teacher conference. Lots of good information was shared during this time. Thanks again for attending!

Our ‘Follow the Child’ at the beginning of the month was a great hit with the students, it was great to see the children so proud of their class and their work and so eager to share with you. Thanks for attending this special time with your child.

During the month of April the Gumbo’s have been fully immersed in learning about North America. So far we have talked about the different biomes of North America, bordering bodies of water, animals of N.America, flags of N.America and some natural geographical features. Over the next month we will continue our in depth study wrapping up all our learning on our Cultural Immersion day. Cultural Immersion is when each class shares their research of the Continent they have been studying with the rest of the school and parents. Cultural Immersion is combined with our annual Art show/fundraiser (students have been working on individual art projects and also our special fundraising art piece in the class). All classrooms will be open for all families to tour the rooms and admire the children’s work.

A list of the Gumbo’s choice of animal of North America for their chosen habitat follows, we encourage you to help with your child’s creativity and have fun!
Romy: Cougar. Bentley: Scorpion. Anila: Harvester Butterfly. Carlyn: Say’s Phobe (bird) Cannon: Bearded seal. Zol: Scorpian Sloane: Jack Rabbit. Jacob: Leopard Frog
Charlie: Red winged Blackbird. Samson: Red skimmer dragonfly. Alia: Monarch Butterfly. Alizee: Monarch Butterfly. Josephine: Fishing spider. Kuzey: Bat Ray. Magno: Striped chorus frog. Bliss: Desert pupfish. Jude: Gila monster (Reptile). Samantha: Desert tortoise. Esperanza:Golden Shiner (fish). Jackson: Egret Bird. Caden: Fishing spider. In order to display the Animal research properly for Cultural Immersion we ask the projects be bought to class no later than May 23rd.

Thank you all for giving us the opportunity to be part of your child’s life for this school year. We all absorbed, learned, worked and laughed together with our Gumbo Limbo Family!

Love and Peace
Ms. Pascale and Ms. Ann