May Cocoplum Newsletter

Dear Cocoplum families,

“When confronted by situations which concern the child and seem difficult to solve, do not seek outside remedies but concentrate upon the nature of the child and the essential needs of his development”
~Maria Montessori

As April comes to a close, a month that directs our minds to new beginnings, an openness to warmth, energy, and growth, we also take the time to reflect on what has passed, our accomplishments, and our amusements. The Cocoplums have spent several weeks harnessing the will to work on what is necessary, becoming aware of time restraints, and practicing self-motivation. They have completed bigger, more creative and collaborative works. This is a prelude to the month to come where we spend much effort in research and culmination of cultural works to present on immersion night.

We have explored figurative language through reading and writing our own myths and poems. We began studying invertebrates, learning the larger groups of taxonomy, their Latin derivatives, and practicing the skill of note taking. We had a great time practicing what we learned at the local aquarium showing off our knowledge and getting our hands on some living invertebrates.

Lastly, we have spent time reflecting on our work habits and goals, collecting our best products for portfolio, and prepping lessons for presentation to our parents which we had a great time hosting for conferences. Often the child evaluating themselves offer insight into their perspective of their work. You might think they are not a good speller, but they see it differently. We may be struggling to wrap our minds around what they need for success when we are forgetting that educational success is only part of the equation. Especially in evaluation and reviewing test results which do provide insight into what knowledge your child is gaining, we must not discredit the importance of the child developing his personality; creating his self. We might often feel frustrated that our children execute behaviors irritatingly different from our own, but their nature is theirs and must be considered when measuring individual growth. How can we support our children? Know them, listen to them, and meet them with knowledge they are interested in. Engage them in topics that thrill them. Provide them with literature and media that enhance their enthusiasms. These are the essential needs of the child. These are the essential needs of all of us.

After their journey of man from Australopithecus to Homo Sapien, the Cocoplums are now exploring the essential needs of humans, both material and spiritual. This study will be led by Ms. Ashleigh, now with us after her own fascinating journey into parenthood. We are very happy for Ms. Ashleigh and her family and to have her back in the class guiding the Cocoplums.


Hello Cocoplum families!

I am happy to report that we had a great first couple of days back together. See pictures of our STEM activity involving marshmallows and spaghetti noodles. We have started our final Early Humans project that we will be presenting at the Cultural Immersion Day.

This week we are researching the fundamental need, food. Please send a shoe box by May 1 for the diorama portion of the project.

We have started reading the follow up book to Hatchet, The River. We are also trying something new in Spelling. Students picked their own spelling words this week.

We have many exciting activities and events planned for last month of school. On May 6, students will have our ocean cleanup thanks to the help of Honest Eco. Please sign and return forms. We will meet at the docks at 8:15 AM. Let me know if you need to make special arrangements for getting back to school at 1:15 PM.

Thank you all for welcoming my family back into the Key West community,