March Spanish Lime Newsletter

Dear Spanish Lime Families,
For the past month, the Spanish Limes have been a busy community. We celebrated Friendship Day with our toddler friends, presented poetry projects, researched U.S. presidents, and dove deeper into our history of humans.

The class split up and joined the toddler classroom’s circle time for Friendship Day. The Spanish Limes created a photo book of the toddlers at work, and wrote a caption to go with each picture. In exchange, the toddlers made a wonderful salt scrub that we use for hand washing to keep those pesky germs away! As a group, we recited Light a Candle for Peace, exchanged Friendship Day gifts, and ended our time with a dance party!

The Fourth Great lesson, The Coming of Writing, was presented to your child. This lesson focuses on the introduction and importance of the human language. This story is divided into parts:
• The First Word is an origin story about the birth of human speech.
• The Ox and the House looks at the beginning of the alphabet, individualizing sounds and the introduction to pictograph and writing.
• The Piece of Paper that Sees and Speaks is primarily about the “magic” of reading.

These stories introduce all three components of language — speaking, writing, and reading — in a narrative way. In addition to these stories, the lesson discusses the different cultures, time period, and writings that were influenced. The Fifth Great Lesson comes soon after, and is about the history of our numbers, the underlying motivations for counting, and how our number symbols came to be.

Throughout the next few months, we will be keeping history simple and straightforward by highlighting major events, personalities, and national stories of the world’s culture. From the first nomads, to the rich lands of the Fertile Crescent, to ancient Egypt we will be immersing ourselves in it all. These stories will give us a small insight of what life was like long, long ago.

Ms. Sally and Ms. Sarka