March Kapok Newsletter

Dear Kapoks,

First of all I must thank all of you for the support and hard work at the bake sale! It was a record setting event and I have already ordered some awesome new materials for the children to enjoy.

The month of February was a busy one. It started with Ms. Marjorie’s birthday celebration. The children got to count by tens for her age and they also told Ms. Marjorie why she is so special to us. We appreciate you, Ms. Marjorie. This month we mostly concentrated on the Grace and Courtesy lessons. We learned about the importance of treating others (and ourselves) with kindness, the importance of friendships, what is love and when do we feel love. We learned all about compliments. What is a compliment, how does it makes us feel and how do we give and take compliments to and from each other. Now we have an empty present box in the classroom (full of compliments) to give to each other at any time during the day.

On a special grumpy day, we learned that we can meditate and imagine we are surrounded by things we love and feel happy after that. Some Kapoks meditated and imagined they were surrounded by family, others were surrounded by flowers and puppies, there were ones surrounded by Dinosaurs and others by cupcakes. Who would not be happy after that? Try it yourself! Stop, take a deep breath, and then surround yourself by cupcakes. Try to be mad after that. 

Talking about love and happiness, Our little friendship share event was a success. Children that usually don’t play together or are in the same classroom got paired up by the teachers to exchange hand made flowers with each other. Classrooms made and shared snacks too. This small event tied together all the learnings of the month.

In the mist of all that, we also got to learn about the scientific method, molecules, the three states of matter; and liquid density (one of my favorite experiments “the rainbow jar”).

March is shaping out to be a cultural studies month! Every map in the classroom is out, and every child is so excited to learn about the planet earth and its continents. Right on time to start our cultural immersion studies. This year our annual art show and cultural Immersion event won’t take place until the beginning of May, but since this year we are studying the big continent of Asia we will start our studies at the end of March. 

Thanks again to all the Kapok parents for all the support,


Ms. Marjorie and Ms. Karina