March Kapok Newsletter

Dear Kapok families,

What an exciting month we had! February was full of wonderful moments, filled with love, care for each other, lots of hugs and nice words exchanged.

We did beautiful projects: friendship cards for people we love (parents, siblings, friends, grandparents…) and friendship posters for Gumbo Limbo and Banyan class (we had a beautiful event on the Primary playground, where we exchanged the little gifts we have made for each other). We also had a friendship day in the Kapok classroom. During our circle in the morning, we got a string and each friend
threw it to another friend, saying something nice about him/her. A friend could throw and receive the string only once and we made sure everyone got a turn. This was a beautiful activity to strengthen relationships between Kapoks.

A few days later we made medals for our own accomplishments. Most of the students emphasized being a good friend as their greatest accomplishment. How beautiful it was!

Our unit studies were focused on learning about different types of biomes, animals and Solar system. We also started learning about the continent of Australia, as that is the theme of our cultural studies. We had an Open house on February 23rd and Primary parent education night on February 27th. Thanks to the families who came!

Sadly, I have to let you know that two of our friends are not in our class anymore – Alisa, who went to a different school and Summer, who is moving to Colorado. I was truly happy to have them in my class and it’s been wonderful watching them grow every day. Kapoks will miss them a lot! I am excited about their new journey and hope it will be great for them. Good luck, Summer and Alisa!

Kapok class got a new student – Welcome, Cosmin! We are all excited to have you in our class. Our unit studies in March will be focused on learning more about Australia, as well as individual and group art projects. We will do our best to decorate our classroom in the spring theme.

Please, mark your calendar:
March 4th – March 8th: Book exchange – Literacy week
March 18th – March 22nd: Spring break
March 25th: Monday Professional day 4 – No school

Ms. Ivana and Ms Ivet