March Kapok Newsletter

Dear Kapoks,

The month of February was a busy one. This month we mostly concentrated on the Grace and Courtesy lessons. We learned about the importance of treating others (and ourselves) with kindness, the importance of friendships, what love is, and when we feel love. We also learned about compliments. What is a compliment, how does it makes us feel and how do we give and take compliments to and from each other?

We learned that we can meditate and imagine we are surrounded by things we love and feel happy after that. While practicing this meditation, some Kapoks meditated and imagined they were surrounded by family, some were surrounded by flowers and puppies, some surrounded by friends, and others by cupcakes. Who would not be happy after that? Try it yourself! Stop, take a deep breath and then surround yourself by cupcakes.

Speaking of love and happiness, our little friendship share event was a success! Children that usually don’t play together or are in the same classroom got paired up by the teachers to exchange a handmade bracelet with each other. This small event tied together all the learnings of the month.

We also welcomed a new Kapok this month. Please welcome Tegan to the Kapok classroom!

March is shaping out to be a cultural studies month! Every map in the classroom is out and every child is so excited to learn about the planet earth and its continents.

Don’t forget to check our school calendar often. We have several events in March:

_Primary parent education night _ The building year_ Wednesday February 28th at 5:30
_Elementary parent education night_Thursday March 1st at 5:30
_PJ party Friday March 2nd at 5:30

Thanks again to all the Kapok parents for all of your support,


Ms. Sara and Ms. Karina