March Gumbo Limbo

Dear Gumbo Limbo Families,

Please join us in welcoming our newest families to our Gumbo Limbo fold: the Schoenberger family ‘Myla’, the Graham family ‘Jude’, and the Barresi family ‘Samantha’, A very warm welcome to our class!

The month of February was very busy and seemed to go by so fast. We focused on Grace and Courtesy, learning the importance of treating others and ourselves with kindness, the importance of friendship, what is love and when do we feel love. We also learned about compliments. What is a compliment? How does it make us feel and how do we give and take compliments to and from each other? We had a Complement box filled to the brim with written notes that the children wrote or drew to give to each other at our circle time.

The Primary students enjoyed the friendship share event. Each of the Primary classes made a beautiful gift as appreciation for each class. The Gumbos created hanging wall posters for the Banyans and Kapoks. For the past few days the Gumbos have been enjoying using the lesson the Banyans created and admiring the poster the Kapoks made. This small event tied together all the learnings of the month.

In a moment of gratitude, I would like to thank you for all the trust that you give us when leaving your precious children under our care. We appreciate the time that we have with your children. There is no better gift than seeing their amazing souls shine, develop and flourish.

Love and play was a lovely day with fun activities and bouncy houses. Thank you all that helped set up, break down and run this event – fun was had by all!
The children have been busy with our continent studies learning about planet earth and its continents, which ties in nicely right on time to start our Cultural Immersion studies. This year, our Cultural Immersion event will take place towards the end of May, and as we are studying the big continent of North America we will start our studies at end of March. The students will also be choosing their own individual animal study.
Our March unit study will be focusing on individual art projects, starting our group art project (for our Art show), and a spring theme.

A great event coming soon is our ‘Follow the Child’ on April 6th. Mark this in your diary, it’s a great opportunity for you to observe your child presenting the lessons in the class.
Thanks again to all the Gumbo Limbo parents for all the support!

Ms.Ann & Ms.Pascale