March Gumbo Limbo Newsletter

“Never help a child with a task at which he feels he can succeed”
Maria Montessori

Dear Parents and Children,
As this month is short we will continue our study of the solar system and space. The children have been really enjoying learning all about our planets and where we are in the universe.

Friendship day was a great success, the children exchanged bracelets that they had previously made for a new friend, the children enjoyed giving as well as receiving their specially made bracelets.

This month we will also be learning about the different “feelings”that we have as well as how to identify these feelings. we will also be learning some of the feeling words and adding them to our word lists. During this unit, we will be making several projects each student will be making a feelings art book,other activities we will be doing are journaling about our feelings, dancing and drawing to our emotions. At home be sure to ask your child about the feelings they are learning about and discuss their daily feelings as well as your own. We have also started a complements box, situated in the peace area of the classroom,the children are invited to write compliments about each other in the class and at the end of the week during our circle time we will read them out.

We also got to do a little bit of gardening , after weeding and preparing the soil, we planted some nice organic salad mix seeds and we are looking forward to eating the yummy fresh baby salad leaves, eating some for snack, they have already sprouted!

Important dates to look out for:
PJ Party-2nd March 5.30-9.00
Literacy week book exchange 5th March -9th
11th March -Daylight saving time begins
12th March- Spring break begins
Peace and love Ms.Nicole and Ms.Pascale