March Banyan Newsletter

Greetings Banyan Families!

“The things he sees are not just remembered; they form a part of his soul.” – Dr. Maria Montessori.

We have already marched into March! This school year has been going too fast. In February, we talked about love and friendship in the classroom; we created cards to share with loved ones, we exchanged friendship flowers with other Primary classroom friends, and ended our lovely month with a “love and play” community event. February is also a “map exploration month” for Banyans, and our map cabinet was empty for a while. We are welcoming Zoey to our classroom, Zoey has been visiting us for three weeks from the Pigeon Plum classroom.

March Events

Follow the Child – March 25 – Great opportunity to observe your child presenting the lessons in the classroom

The Topic of the Month:

Why do Children Misbehave?

Children are in the process of developing discipline. As part of this process, they will at times push the limits and test the boundaries. Often we adults are puzzled because the child’s misbehavior seems beyond the range of innocent exploration. What is at the root of such behavior?

Psychologists Alfred Adler and Rudolf Dreikurs suggest that all misbehavior comes from discouragement. It is the result of the child’s needs not being met or the child’s perception that those needs are not met.

Children need:

1. To feel like they belong

2. To feel loved

3. To feel powerful

4. To feel valuable

5. To feel like they have a place

6. To experiment and explore.

Adler and Dreikurs identified four mistaken beliefs or goals that are at the core of all misbehavior. These mistaken beliefs are:

1. Attention – I am only loved and valuable if I have your constant attention.

2. Power – I must always be in control so that I will be valuable and have a place and belong.

3. Revenge – I want others to hurt as much as I do because I feel unloved, unwanted, or not good enough.

4. Avoidance / Inadequacy – I can’t do anything right – I am not valuable – powerful – loved and I do not belong.

March Unit Study:




Ms. Karthi and Ms. Marleny