March Banyan Newsletter

Dear Banyan Families,

It feels like we just entered into the new year and we are marching into March already. Though February is a short month, it was a busy month for the Banyans. We talked about friendship, read books on ‘making new friends’ and made bracelets for other primary classroom friends. Kids happily exchanged their bracelets with their assigned friends until a big cat ran across our circle! The Love and Play event was delightful! Our sincere thanks to Denny and Will Benson for helping us set up the event. Thank you to all the families who came and supported the fun event. The Banyans are excited about our space and solar system unit study. We will continue our exploration!

Engagement with the work gives excitement!!!

Children in a Montessori classroom get excited about their work every single minute. Some get excited when choosing the lesson, some get excited while working and some get excited upon completion of the work. In every case, they show us their excitement by giggling around the classroom, rolling on the floor, moving in the classroom, or going to the snack table or choosing a  soothing lesson. We Montessori teachers see this as a natural reaction that comes out from the child’s inner self as a fulfillment from their choice of work, or just being independent in his/her classroom environment. The materials in the classroom are purposeful and designed according to the developmental level. Students use their hands to manipulate the lessons with their five senses and send the information to their brain and vice versa. We all know the purpose behind the Montessori philosophy, but why I am writing this then?

“Children become like the things they love.” – Dr. Maria Montessori

I have been reading and listening to stories based on research on electronic devices and how it is affecting child development on the whole. Recent studies have shown that kids who use electronic devices (iPads, videos games, etc.) are having trouble with reading and writing. There is a strong connection between our hands and the brain. If kids fail to use their hands to manipulate different objects (in the Montessori classroom it is called Materials), their mind will have trouble registering them on their long-term memory. As adults, do we feel our hands get numb after using our phone or any other electronic devices for a long time? So what about our kids? Do they get that giggling excitement through the electronic devices or hands-on materials? Do they get their inner self-satisfied through video games or through a nature walk? As a mom of two daughters, I am afraid to introduce them to electronic devices. It is hard to stop once we start any habit of practice. Children are wonderful gifts; they like to explore, experiment and wonder what is around them. If we must introduce electronic devices, have them listen to excellent music or songs. Music can stimulate both left and right side brain. It has been a thought in my mind, and I would like to share with you all.

“The Hands are the Instrument of Man’s Intelligence.” – Dr. Maria Montessori

March Events:

March 1 Elementary Parent Education Night
March 2 PJ Party
March 12-16 Spring Break
March 23 Professional Day – No School

March Unit Studies:

Butterfly Life Cycle
Parts of a Flower
Types of Biomes


Ms. Karthi and the team