Kapok October Newsletter

Our classroom is in full swing and lots of work is happening daily. Each month a new study unit is introduced that will build towards a greater understanding of the person and their place in the universe. Each topic is introduced with a master lesson presented on the line (circle time or afternoon circle). A variety of enriching experiences are made available for all developmental ages.

Last month (September) we learned:

– All about “ germs” . We did a couple of interesting experiments on how germs spread and we even grew our own germs. (Ask your child about the germs in a potato experiment ).

– We learned about things that are living and non-living,

– Seeds (we germinated our own seeds in the classroom) and plant life cycle.

– In geography we learned what is a globe and the continents on our planet earth.

– We learned about the different kinds of animals- vertebrates and invertebrates.

– We spent a great time talking and learning about peace. We read, sang, made a banner and experienced peace in every way we could .

We also started our unit study of the human body

– We learned that we are vertebrates and mammals,

– We have 5 (main) senses,

– We have 11 important organ systems, and are introducing the circulatory, respiratory, digestive, skeletal and muscular system .

We will continue our study of the human body over the month of October and venture into our place in the Universe and the Solar System.

*About comfort objects- Infant and toddlers first learn how to soothe themselves with an object, then translate that skill to other behaviors. Although we respect the attachment that the child has to these objects, we encourage and value the child’s ability to self regulate and self soothe. Let’s work together to help the child succeed by leaving all toys at home or in the car. If your child “needs” a comfort object please make it small enough so it can fit in your child’s pocket (I.e. a picture, a handwritten note/drawing, small felt heart). We are encouraging children in their second year of Primary to leave “nap lovies” at home.

*About lunch- Studies have shown that children who eat a well-balanced lunch often do better in school and are more alert. First of all, let’s remember that a child’s stomach is about the size of their fist! Look at your child’s fist and pack accordingly. To much food it’s overwhelming, remember that it’s not your lunch. Let your kids weigh in on what they want to pack in their lunches, and offer them a few healthy choices so they feel like they’re in control. Although you might be tempted by their convenience and kid-friendly sizes, avoid pre-packaged, processed foods for your kid lunches. They’re expensive and loaded with sodium and preservatives. Did your kids love last night’s roasted chicken and vegetables? Pack some in a thermos to eat the next day. We can warm it up in the microwave. Please remember that cookies, chocolates, gummies and other sugary treats are not allowed at school. Save money and give your child the gift of health by keeping juices at home.We have available glasses and pitchers of water at lunch time.
Thank you for all your donations ! We are still asking for some more indoor and outdoor plants ! Our classroom wish list link here : http://amzn.com/sl/1TMSTYSUPLIPP

Thank you


Ms. Marjorie and Ms. Karina

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Amy Oconnor Portrait