January Spanish Lime Newsletter

Happy New Year Spanish Lime Families,

I hope everyone had a happy holiday and a pleasant start to the New Year! Last month’s focus was on, introducing the Story of Humans and how humans have three great gifts that separate us from other living things: the hands, the heart, and the head. The gift of the hand (and the use of our thumbs) made it possible for us to be tool users. The gift of the head and our minds made it possible for us to reason, think, solve problems, and imagine. The gift of the heart and our ability to love made all the other gifts worthwhile. Love is transcendent in its own way because it makes us care deeply, and that is why we are together today, because we love and care for one another.

For the rest of the year the Spanish Limes are going to spend lots of time looking at the Human Timeline chart and read about people from each era, learn what early people did in different places and where they lived. When discussing the timeline in more detail the Spanish Limes will be thinking of three things: their hands, their heads and their hearts, and think about how these early people used their three gifts and how they use theirs today. In this way they are finding themselves in the story and finding where the story is in them.

Our next focus on the Human Timeline will be on The Fourth Great Lesson: The Story of Language. This story is divided into three parts. The first part discusses the birth of human speech; the second part looks at the beginnings of the alphabet and focuses on writing. The third part encompasses the subject of reading and how the invention of paper allows us to see and speak language. By using these three stories, all three components of language: speaking, writing, and reading are introduced in a narrative way!

The Children’s Schools Annual Gala is approaching on Saturday, February 1st. This event is the perfect date night that includes tasty appetizers, a silent auction, and a comedy show! Those that attended last year, you will remember that each classroom put together a themed based basket full of goodies to be auctioned off in our silent auction. This year our class is putting together a MYSTERY BASKET! This basket can be any item you feel worthwhile, while also keeping it wrapped and discrete for added suspense and wonder. I will send out a sign up genius if you would like to purchase/donate items for the basket. When you drop off your basket item, please attach a copy of the receipt so I can get an estimate of the total cost for the basket as a starting bid. Please let me know if you have any great ideas to add! Let’s make it a great auction basket! The more it is auctioned for, the more that is able to go towards The Children’s School Scholarship Fund!

The third years will be starting weekly visits to the upper elementary class every Thursday from 12:35-1:15. They will be working on STEM projects with Ms. Ashleigh and the Cocoplum students. Reading Buddies has been a huge hit amongst the Spanish Limes and Kindergarten students. They work in small groups practicing their active listening, reading, and comprehension skills for 30 minutes every day. We are excited to be doing more bridging between the programs this year!

“The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go.” – Dr. Seuss


Ms. Sally and Ms. Sarka