January Pigeon Plum Newsletter

Another whirlwind month is behind us and we are already half way through the school year! This past month friends have painted “oceans”, shook jingle bells with Ms. Ann during music, and continue to enjoy reading time with our Spanish Lime friends. Baby has been well taken care of by all friends–socks placed on feet, wrapped in a blanket, even taken to the doctor–and a favorite language lesson has been the flower object to picture matching lesson–hibiscus, tulip, and sunflower are among favorites. We have even learned a new song about three little monkeys and a crocodile.

Over the next couple of weeks everyone will be enjoying family time, good food, and some vacation time. While it is such an exciting and fun time of year for everyone, it can bring long nights, lots of travel, and mixed up routines. This can all lend to exhausted and cranky toddler friends. To help them (and you!) enjoy this season, a few things you can do:

-if traveling, take along a little piece of home–a favorite book, activity, even a favorite outfit

-when there is a late night, stick to the same bed time routine, just a shorter version (one book instead of three, a quick bath instead of playing for 20 minutes) this will help with reassuring your child that things are still the same

-if family is visiting and staying with you, or you are visiting and staying with them, make sure your child still has a space that they can go to away from everything to play quietly, or read, or color

-continue to encourage independence. let your child walk places, have them help prepare meals, even let them help wrap presents

Most importantly,

-slow down. enjoy this time of year. it’s so easy to get frazzled and frustrated that we don’t always realize our feelings and emotions rub off on our children. and if we pause for a moment to take in the magic of the season, we’ll see it through their eyes—it truly is magical

Happiest of Holidays! Safe travels! We will see you in 2017!

~Ms. Melanie and Ms. Ashley