January Kapok Newsletter

Dear Families,

I can hardly believe that we are already into a new year. The month of December was short, but very exciting. Our unit studies were focused on vertebrates, so we learned a lot about them through several books, songs, puzzles, and creative lessons.

On Wednesdays, we enjoy our science class. We started learning about three states of matter: liquid, solid and gas. Here we did some great experiments: we learned about how it rains, how the clouds form, how the water travels, and we did a fun experiment with cornstarch to show how it can be both solid and liquid. However, the most exciting was learning about how it snows and making snowballs.

I hope that all of you who attended “Follow the child” enjoyed it. I surely did. I loved watching my Kapoks taking the role of teacher to their parents and grandparents and showing them their favorite lessons. Isn’t that amazing how much we can actually learn from those little humans every day? Try it: step back, observe and enjoy the moment. You’ll be impressed!

Thanks to everyone who came to the Parent – Teacher Conferences. It was a pleasure sharing information about your children and talking to you.
Sadly I have to let you know that Ms. Jayci won’t be the Kapok assistant anymore because she is moving over to the front office. We will miss her a lot, but we are lucky to still be able to see her every day. And we are so happy that she will continue teaching us art on Thursdays.
Thank you for your love, kindness and patience. Good luck on your new journey, Ms. Jayci!

It is my pleasure to welcome Ms. Iveta to the Kapok class as our new assistant. She spent some time with us in the classroom during the last week of school before winter break. We already love her and are excited that she will be with us until the rest of the school year.

In January we will learn about continents, land, water, and air, as those are our unit studies for that month. We are looking forward to the Kapok Bake Sale that will happen on January 17th and 18th.

Please mark your calendar:

January 7th Monday Professional day – No students
January 17th-18th Thursday – Friday Kapok Bake Sale
January 21st Monday MLK Day – No school
January 26th Saturday Annual fundraising event – Comedy & Cocktails

We hope you all had wonderful holidays! We wish you all the best in 2019!

Ms. Ivana, Ms. Jayci and Ms. Iveta