Gumbo Limbo November Newsletter

Dear Gumbo Limbo’s:

After a busy exciting few weeks the children really enjoyed the extra events, during the past month. The Pumpkin Patch visit was a big hit and we can’t thank you all enough for chaperoning, we could not have done it without you. Also Thank you to all the folks at the Mark House for putting up such a wonderful display of Pumpkins. The children had plenty to choose from and loved all the activities, they had fun decorating their pumpkins back in class.

A big thank you to the Key West Fire Department for visiting the children’s School and Captain Jason  Barroso for showing the children about fire education and fire safety, it was really great for the children to see and meet a friendly fireman up close.

As we move into November we plan to study our Planet Earth, it’s land formations and also the diverse life that has lived on it, starting with Dinosaurs. Any books, fossils (lying around), or any information you might have on this subject, that your child would like to bring to share with the class would be great!

Thanks to all who donated to the soft toy drive, look out for the up and coming food  drive on the 7th, and clothes drives on the 14th November.

As the weather cools down we will be getting into gardening and start replanting our beds. A HUGE THANK YOU to the Lockwood family for providing much needed new hose and watering system and lots of organic soil for our garden beds.

Thanks again Ms Nicole and Ms Pascale

Which one ?

Trying on firefighters Shawn Cline’s helmet