Gumbo Limbo Newsletter

Dear Children and Parents,
The first week has been a rewarding time for both Students and Teachers. New friendships are being forged on the playground and daily routines established in the classroom. The returning students are self reliant and compelled to carry out lessons that they are familiar with. The class is buzzing with excitement.
The Class theme for the month of September will be “all about me” we will be learning about parts of the body, our home address, and nutrition (the heathy choices we can make concerning food) and where we belong in the universe (a question the greatest scientific minds of our generation still can’t answer). The children seem intrigued by the workings of the human body. Any fun books at home pertaining to this subject are more than welcome in the class.
Parents interested in assisting with the class activities can do so in the following areas:
Room Parent:      Assist with bake sales and other activities.
Volunteer hours: Cleaning shelves and washing our rugs
We as a class really appreciate any parent involvement.
Wish List: NOW essential oils 16fl oz 100% lavender oil (for our vaporiser, making our classroom calm, and the children love the smell of it!
Thanks Ms Pascale and Ms.Nicole

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