February Spanish Lime Newsletter

Dear Spanish Lime Families,

The Spanish Limes came back from winter break with the same pizzazz and excitement when they left in December. We are working on slowing down, taking more time to reflect on our progress, observe more often, meditate, and find answers to our questions within ourselves before seeking the answers from others. Ms. Sarka has been leading our morning meditation since November. It has been a brilliant way to start the day and remind ourselves of everything we are working towards for ourselves: academically, emotionally, physically, and spiritually.

In the month of January we discussed the relationships between humans’ fundamental needs to the civil rights movement. Questions asked during group discussions were:
• How were people’s rights taken away?
• When human rights are taken away does this affect their material and spiritual needs overall?
• What happens when we are not given an adequate balance of our fundamental needs?
• Historically, what groups of people have had their rights taken away?
• What steps did they take to win them back?
• Who are these historical figures?

We first reviewed the fundamental needs, which include the need for shelter, clothing, transportation, defense, food, culture, religion, and vanities. Next, we dove into our own nation’s history, from when the Constitution was created, its meaning and the Bill of Rights, which explains the rights given to all American citizens. We read about how our country had not been abiding to these rights, and how these people who suffered inequality had their fundamental needs violated; which in turn sparked the civil rights movement and the other movements for justice throughout our own nation’s history. Our goal in mind was to create awareness of inequalities that occurred in the past, and how even present and when these fundamental needs are not fully met the quality and longevity of one’s existence can be affected.
For the month of February we will be celebrating friendship month with our toddler community. This year we will create a book filled with pictures of current toddler students at work (photo credit Ms. Liz and Ms. Dori). Each student will write simple sentences describing what is taking place in the photo. For example, “Karen is putting on a hat from the season’s basket.” The purpose is not only to share and connect with the toddler community but also to aid in expansion of vocabulary by personalizing the book with their own photo and their classmates as well!

Big thank you and shout out to those families who have donated to our classrooms Mystery Basket for the Gala Fundraiser. This is a great cause and every item donated makes our basket that much more intriguing! Your continuous dedication and support to our community is always noted and appreciated by every member; thank you.


Ms. Sally and Ms. Sarka