February Spanish Lime News

Dear Spanish Lime Families,

What a terrific turn out for the annual Gala. It was an exciting evening spent catching up with families, viewing the silent auction items, laughing with the comedians, and raising money for a valuable cause. Our silent auction art baskets sold combined for a whooping $550! The money raised for this evening goes towards scholarship funds to bring all children of the community to the Montessori philosophy. Thank you all for your support and donations, for not only our auction art basket but for the extra big and small you do for our community.

In honor of Martin Luther King Day the third year students were busy researching the Civil Rights Era, and the people that inspired change for African American rights. The Spanish Limes as a whole heard valuable lessons about tolerance and the importance of being unique. Everybody is different, and has special talents and qualities to offer the world. What a person looks like on the outside has nothing to do with what is on the inside!

The Spanish Limes have been interested in research and collage of a human’s fundamental needs. This lesson frames a study of people and culture by examining the way we look at any culture from any period; people satisfy specific needs that are universal to all humans. However, they address these needs in very unique ways, depending on the resources around them. This lesson includes discussions of a cultures, spiritual needs, religion, and communication. It also organizes humans material needs such as shelter, defense, clothing, and transportation. The Spanish Limes will be doing our observations of fundamental needs of a human around our community.

Throughout the next few months we will be keeping history simple and straightforward by highlighting major events, personalities and national stories of the world’s culture. From the first nomads, to the rich lands of the Fertile Crescent, to ancient Egypt we are going to be immersed in it all! We will discuss the rise and fall of Athens and the barbarians that took control. The three Americas (North America, South America and Central America) and the Nazca’s that made sky drawings and the Olmec’s who built ancient temples and left giant stone heads of their rulers. We will be discussing democracies and monarchies and learn about the Roman consuls. These stories will give us a small insight of what life was like long, long ago. Look out for weekly emails describing our unit study further.

I trust we finally kicked this flu season out and anticipate a stronger, healthier year!

“The hardest part about teaching world history is deciding what to leave out!”- Unknown


Ms Sally