February Kapok Newsletter

Dear Kapok Families,

Although spring has not officially “sprung,” the temperatures in Key West are ideal for planting before the heat of summer is upon us. The Kapoks will begin to dive deeper into our botany studies. Botany studies in the Primary Classroom start with a look at the life cycle of plants and presentations that explore the importance of plants for human life. Botany studies continue with presentations of plant parts, beginning with the seed. Children will then study roots, stems, leaves, flowers, and fruits. Scientific nomenclature is simultaneously introduced while discussing the functions of the various parts.

All Botany studies are rooted (pun intended!) in hands-on scientific experiments, and are further supported by exploration in the outside environment. Outdoors we observe how the plant meets its needs, how plant systems function, and the important role of plants in the ecosystem. Children are actively involved in growing, caring for, and observing plants in the environment. Botany work also parallels studies in geography, history, and zoology.

Maria Montessori emphasized the importance for children to understand the interdependence of all life forms and the role humans play in protecting and preserving life on Earth.

Below is a list of ideas for your family to extend our Botany study into the home:

Dissect weeds and identify the roots, stem, leaves, flowers, and seeds (if present).
Press flowers and leaves.
Grow a garden at home.
Take a trip to the West Martello Tower.
Visit the Butterfly Conservatory and discuss the role and importance of pollinators.
Make a salad together (fruit salad counts).
Go on a plant scavenger hunt.
Check a plant identification book out from the library and see if you can find some in your neighborhood.

Important Dates
Wednesday, February 5: Parent Education Series
Saturday, February 9: Love and Play Primary Event
Tuesday, February 11: Filip’s 5th Birthday Walk
Thursday, February 13: Wyatt’s 4th Birthday Walk
Friday, February 15: Friendship Day Exchange (between primary classes)

Peace + Plants,
Ms. Casey & Ms. Iveta