February Kapok Newsletter

Dear Kapok families,

 It feels great continuing this school year after winter break. I have to share my impression with you – it’s unbelievable how Kapoks have grown in just two weeks! I was amazed when we came back to school. It’s impressive how mature they are and I couldn’t believe it had been only two weeks since we haven’t seen each other.

The month of January was filled with lots of exciting things. We learned about what our planet Earth is made up of – land, water, and air. 

We did some great experiments to learn how water in its original state is liquid, but it can turn into solid as ice and gas as vapor. Also, one of the funniest experiments definitely was a sink/float activity. We learned about the ocean and marine animals. At the end of this month, we started talking about Australia, as it’s our continent unit study.

We talked about commitments – what are they and about our own. Then we did activities where everyone shared their commitment for a certain day. The most common commitments were: “I will be nice to my friends,” “I will use my quiet voice,” and “I will be respectful to the materials.” … At the end of the day, we would put our picture under the smiley face if we respected that commitment or under the sad face if we didn’t. It was up to children to decide if they respected or they didn’t. I found this activity great for developing their critical thinking and sense of self-evaluation. Also, some children were very honest – that is a great lesson to teach them to be honest with themselves and others.

It is my pleasure to share with you that our class got another friend – welcome to the Kapok class, Bibi! All the Kapoks are excited to have you as a part of our community.

Thank you to everyone who has contributed to our Bake sale! It was a great event. I really enjoyed all those chocolate chip cookies and muffins! I am grateful how we can all work together to make our school a better place for our children. Again, thank you, Kapoks!

I hope you all enjoyed the Comedy show and the silent auction at the San Carlos Institute.

The month of February will be focused on types of biomes, animals and Solar system. We are looking forward to it!

Please mark your calendar:

February 9th      Saturday     9-11am    Love and play

February 18th    Monday     No school – President’s day

February 23rd    Saturday    9-11am     Open house

February 27th    Wednesday   5:30pm   Primary parent education night


 Ms. Ivana and Ms. Iveta