February Cocoplum Newsletter


We shall work together on this path of life, for all things are part of the universe and are connected with each other to form one whole unity.

~Maria Montessori

The Cocoplums have begun their spring semester with exploring the human experience, beginning with our studies of Martin Luther King,Jr. and the Civil Rights Movement.  What may have seemed a mere occurrence in a distant past to people unlike them, the children are grasping the vision of justice and equality and how vital it is to a connected universe.  We have discussed the importance of meeting violence with non-violence and hate with love.  The story of King’s life, cause, and struggle has captivated the children, and hopefully will inspire them to dream big and fight hard for what they believe is right. They especially enjoyed a walk to the African Slave Cemetery at Higgs Beach where they read Adinkra symbols originating from Ghana, West Africa where the Atlantic slave trade began.  If you have not seen the memorial, it is a worthy piece of Key West history.

Our journey in the human condition did not stop there.  We had the opportunity to continue to support the SOS Foundation by preparing food for meals that benefit children and elderly in our community.  The children take great pleasure in working in the kitchen and pride to know their effort is helping provide nourishment and promote healthier eating for our community.

In the classroom, we began our studies of early humans with an introduction of Australopithecus.  Go ahead, ask your children to pronounce it.  They have practiced.  We have imagined our role as anthropologist by examining details about this early hominid’s skull and other features, and how they differ from modern humans, but bridge the gap to our ape-like ancestor.  We have taken these studies further by rehearsing a play of the Leakey discoveries and writing a fictitious newspaper article about making anthropological discoveries.

In February, we look forward to the introduction of Homo Habilis and to practice tool making.  We will continue some civil rights writing exercises and add in some more creative writing choices.  All the children are very eager to work on the recently started animal research.  We must practice our math and language skills, of course, but make time for community service and outdoor activities.  We are a happily busy bunch

Ms. Jennifer