February Banyan News

Dear Banyan Families,

“Of all things, love is the most potent.” – Dr. Maria Montessori

January was a busy month here in our classroom and at our school! Banyans have smoothly adapted back into the daily routine after the winter break. My sincere thanks for all of your contributions toward our silent auction basket for our big fundraiser and participation in the event. Our classroom basket was auctioned off for $450. February is Friendship month” at our school. We will celebrate Friendship Appreciation with other Primary classrooms on February 16th. Each child will be assigned  a new friend from another Primary class, and he/she will make a craft to share with the friend during our Friendship Appreciation get together. We usually pair the kids with a friend who they don’t normally play with, helping them make a new friend. This event will take place during school. You will receive the photos afterward!

Montessori Child at Home:

“The child seeks for independence by means of work.” – Dr. Maria Montessori

Montessori children in the first plane of development (0-6 years) need to do work by themselves. They need help from us to learn to do the work by themselves before they move to the next plane of development (6-9), in which children learn to think for themselves. When they do their work, it can be taking care of oneself, taking care of siblings/parents, or taking care of the surroundings. All they need is time and all we need as parents is patience. You may see that your child is struggling to put their socks/shoes on. A few kids may seek help, but most kids need time to do it by themselves patiently. Some might get frustrated at putting them on. This is the time we need to observe whether to give them space or offer them help. As they work towards self-mastery, kids who used to learn by observation or from an adult may need a space at first while they are frustrated.

Also, you may see your children working on the same toys or puzzles at home every day. If you observe them, you can see them being creative with their work. Kids in their working year in the Montessori classroom gravitate to the same toys at home. For example, if they have been interested in working with puzzles, they may want to trace the puzzle pieces. In Montessori, we call that an extension of the lesson. All they need in this plane of development is help to do it by themselves and a prepared environment available for them!

“Only practical work and experience lead the young to maturity.” – Dr. Maria Montessori

February Events:

10th- Love and Play 10:00am-1: 00 pm (Banyan set up, Spanish Lime clean up)

16th- Friendship Appreciation (Student Event during school)

18th – Positive Discipline Class 9am – noon

22nd & 23rd- Toddler Bake Sale

24th- Open House 9-11am

28th – Primary Parent Education Night @ 5:30 – “Your Child’s Building Year and How to make Montessori more affordable.”

Love and Play Event:

Our annual fun event called “Love and Play” will be on February 10th this year. We will have various games, a bounce house, and activities for kids. If you are looking for work-pay hours, this event is a great opportunity to earn some hours. Banyans are responsible for setting up the event. I will have a sign-up sheet outside the office to sign up to help set up for the “Love and Play” event.

February Studies:

Geography and History

Months of the year



Earth Science

Layers of the Earth

The Solar System

Banyans do Gardening on Thursday afternoons. Friday afternoons are Kindergarten team building lessons with Mr. Kevin.


Ms. Karthi and Ms. Nikki