The greatest sign of success for a teacher…Is to be able to say, ‘the children are now working as if I did not exist – Maria Montessori.

Amy O’Connor
Executive Director

Jessica Losardo
Office Manager

Donna Hennessy
Mangrove Lead Guide

Yudis Perez
Mangrove Assistant

Carole Schnitzer
Pigeon Plum Lead Guide

Kathleen Hennessy
Pigeon Plum Assistant

Jennifer d’Albenas
Banyan Lead Guide

Desiree Gray
Banyan Assistant

Suzanne Renouf
Gumbo Limbo Lead Guide

Mishel Bermudez Castro
Gumbo Limbo Assistant

Kristin DeKeyrel
Spanish Lime & Cocoplum Lead Guide

Sarka Kahajova
Spanish Lime & Cocoplum Assistant

Alyssa Audette
Program Assistant

Ann Fergus
Program Assistant

Maci Strickland
Program Assistant


Sonia De Crescenzo
Program Assistant