December Pigeon Plum Newsletter

The month of November was filled with sharing gratitude, love and food. It was wonderful to see the tree on the toddler playground fill up with ribbons of gratitude and thanks! The Pigeon Plums also enjoyed getting together and sharing snack with the Mangroves and Spanish Limes during our Harvest Share before Thanksgiving break.

Ms. Sarka and I were busy over the Thanksgiving break working on the Pigeon Plum classroom. The classroom now has a new layout and if you have not seen it yet I invite you to stop in and take a look. The Pigeon Plums are learning a new song this month about peeling an orange, corn, potato and a banana. There are also new lessons for the Pigeon Plums to work with. Some of the new lessons include items that the toddlers may see at home during this upcoming holiday season. One of the new lessons contains a spice grater and a whole cinnamon stick which they can grate and then smell the wonderful holiday scent of cinnamon. Another new lesson is a basket that contains all the materials one would need to wrap a gift; a box, a piece of wrapping paper, tape, and a ribbon.

“The child making use of all that he finds around him shapes himself for the future.” -Dr. Maria Montessori

The month of December will be a busy one at The Children’s School. Primary classes only will be invited to “Follow the Child” on December 2nd. School photographs will be taken December 4th – 8th. Toddler photographs will be taken December 4th for three and five day toddlers and on December 8th for two day toddlers and siblings. Parent Teacher Conferences will be held on December 11th. You will receive a link soon via email for online signup. The conch train will be on December 20th. The conch train is a new event for the toddler classrooms this year. If you are interested in helping with this event there will be a sign-up sheet soon.

Happy Season of Peace and Light
-Ms. Dori and Ms. Sarka