Toddler Program

Help me do it myself

During their earliest and most impressionable years, children develop their confidence from a predictable routine of activities led by Montessori guides.  We nurture children through these periods of rapid growth by providing a calm environment and inviting active learners to explore and grow.  We use a toddler’s natural curiosity about language and movement to provide experiences that teach the children about themselves and the world around them.   Everything toddlers engage and participate in is considered work and is valued and respected as such.  The children participate in purposeful and practical activities that they observe adults modeling daily, including washing dishes, setting the table, and taking care of themselves. A major focus within the Toddler program is identifying the need to use the toilet and appropriately responding to that need which includes the act of undressing and dressing oneself without the assistance of others.  All lessons are designed to develop a toddler’s independence, language, movement, and self-care skills.  Essentially, the guides are providing information and experiences to support the toddlers as they create the foundation for the people they are becoming.

Primary Program

A Love of Learning Starts Here

In the Primary program (age 3 to 6), our goal is to develop a genuine lifelong love of learning. We focus on the whole child, introducing children to activities focused on practical life skills, sensorial, science, geography, art, math, reading, writing, and language. Our rooms are designed to deepen each child’s connection to his physical environment.

During their time in Primary, children remain in the same room with teachers and peers for three years. This continuity allows children to move on to more advanced activities as they are ready while revisiting more fundamental concepts as needed. Our collaborative learning environments also allow children to teach each other instead of solely relying on their teachers for guidance. During the first year in a primary classroom, children tend to be curious, observant learners.  In the second year, the building year, children can see where they have been and where they are going as active learners. During the third year (the traditional kindergarten year) everything comes to fruition for our students. Reading, writing, grammar, vocabulary, and mathematical understanding blossom from the many seeds planted in the previous two years. Children leave the program with a strong set of academic skills; but, far more importantly, with the attitude that learning is fun, exciting, and boundless.


Our Elementary Montessori Program is divided into two levels: Lower Elementary (6-9-year-olds) and Upper Elementary (9-12-year-olds). Each level is a multi-age community where students collaborate with others of different ages and abilities, learning to accomplish a goal cooperatively. This process encourages the child to contribute ideas, listen to others, and learn to compromise.

Elementary children have an immense appetite for knowledge; they begin to think abstractly, and they have remarkable powers of imagination. The philosophy that underlies the Montessori elementary program, known as Cosmic Education, is designed to help individuals search for their place in the universe and to recognize their relationship to other living things. 

Students experience abstract concepts through concrete experience and hands-on learning materials. Critical thinking skills are enhanced as students “discover” and articulate these concepts for themselves. Ours is an integrated and academically challenging program that meets the child’s changing developmental needs from year to year.

Montessori children never lose the joy of learning.