April Gumbo Limbo Newsletter

Dear Parents and Children,

The Gumbo’s chosen continent of study for cultural immersion is Africa. This huge continent has so many varied cultures and  habitats: the largest desert, vast grasslands, and lush vegetation of the rain forests and jungles in the deepest part of the equator. We will be spoiled for choice with the many different animal; from the largest mammals to that tiniest of insects. This unit is so exciting for the children as they learn about each different biome and how one relates to the other; giving the children the opportunity to become fully immersed in the topic.

In the next few weeks the children will have the chance to choose an animal and create at home a shoe box sized habitat. This is a wonderful opportunity for you and your child to share and create a habitat together which they will bring in for our Cultural Immersion. Look out for your child’s choice of animal as they will be bringing home their choices in the next couple of week. Many of the students are already starting their studies by creating maps of Africa. Please feel free to send in any interesting books, artifacts, clothing, etc, that you may have at home on the subject. It would be wonderful if you would either like to share at our circle time or just leave in the class.

Thank you to all that have supported our pj parties fundraiser.  Five of us attended the Montessori conference, in San Diego.  It was very rewarding and renewing. We still have some pj parties planned, please look out for future dates.

We had a wonderful presentation on composting by Ms.Angelica . She also brought in a worm farm and the children were able to see the worms at work! She has given each class a little composting bucket. Thanks to Ms.Angelica we will be producing our own soil for our gardening beds.

Thank you all for coming to “Follow the Child”.  The children loved sharing their work with you. It was such a joy to see their proud faces and see them so busy. Our Parent Teacher Conferences will be coming up in the next few weeks, a sign up sheet will be posted outside the front office in due time .

Thank you, love, and peace,
Ms.Nicole Ms.Pascale