Banyan November Newsletter

October in a glance:

October was a very busy month for us; field trip to the pumpkin patch, fire truck visit, four celebrations of life along with our regular work cycles and unit studies. Our new friends are adjusting to their new environment and getting along with their friends. Recently, Cody Hawks has joined the Banyans from Pigeon Plum classroom.

“In the surroundings which we provide for them, we see these children immediately attach themselves to some task. Their excited fantasies and restless movements disappear, and they calmly face reality and begin to perfect themselves through their work. They become normal children. Their aimless actions become directed.” – Dr. Maria Montessori

I have observed that our friends are getting to normalize in the classroom environment; feeling safe and comfortable in the classroom, free work choices and concentrate on their work, knowing the daily routine, helping each other and using the peace rose during the conflict situations. We will continuously work on Grace and Courtesy, working as a team, respecting our classroom, materials and others.

November Events:

Food and Cloth drive    – November 7 -10
5K and Kids FunRun    – November 13th
Harvest Share              – November 18th
(We will cook in our classroom and share with other classes.)

Topic of the Month:
The Prepared Environment:

The Prepared Environment is the most important element of a Montessori classroom. The Montessori classroom is a home away from home, a happy place full of friends where you can be yourself. Montessori saw that careful preparation of the environment is an essential ingredient for the successful development of children. The layout of the classroom encourages exploration, communication and the development of relationships on all levels. Everything reflects a dedication to quality, beauty and the children’s abilities to do things for themselves. The children will be successful if they know where everything is in the classroom. The Teacher in the Montessori classroom spends quality time to prepare the environment for the children carefully.

November Unit Study:

Water, Land, Air
The Earth


Ms. Karthi and Ms. Marleny