April Kapok Newsletter

Dear Kapok families,

We are coming closer to the end of this wonderful school year. Our little friends have grown so much. It’s amazing how even our 3-year-olds help new students in our class. They have a great sense of our little community – every morning when we fill out the attendance list, they still mention students who have been in Kapok class earlier this year, but are not here anymore.

The month of March was very short and exciting. We learned a lot about spring – about different kinds and parts of flowers, seeds, insects (here we talked about some other invertebrates as well), what is happening with nature…

We continued studying about Australia as well – different cities, biomes, animals, and culture. Some kids worked hard on their Australia maps, but other continents also. Kapoks are excited about the cultural projects that we will start working on soon.

We had our First – grade students visiting us and helping Kapoks with their work. It was very nice seeing them working together in the classroom again. First graders were very excited to be the role models for their younger friends and teach them, and Kapoks were very welcoming and happy to have them in our classroom.

Art classes with Ms. Jayci were great this month and were inspired by spring. Also, science experiments were fun – certainly the most exciting one was our volcano experiment. Kapoks made a volcano together, painted it and after reading a book about volcanoes, we did this experiment: poured baking soda and vinegar into the bottle to see the chemical reaction. It looked like lava coming out of the volcano. I enjoyed waching Kapoks and their excited faces!

I am looking forward to our third Parent education night this year that is going to be on May 1st. We will talk about the Kindergarten year in Montessori environment – how it looks like, what you should expect, how will your child be exposed to new opportunities for challenge and growth, how will your child take a vital and empowering leadership role in the classroom… I hope to see you there.

We have an exciting month coming – in April we will focus on learning more about Australia and start working on our individual and group art projects.

Ms. Ivana and Ms. Iveta