April Kapok News

April is going to be a busy month!

We are starting April with another “Follow the Child” event. Due to the success and the demand for this event we have added an extra one this year. It will be taking place on Saturday April 7th from 9:00 to 11:30 am. Sign Up Link

“Follow the Child” is a great opportunity to watch your child work in the classroom and present lessons to you. This event is only for the parents and child, please no siblings allowed. The teachers will be in the classroom to observe and create a feeling of consistency and safety. Please don’t engage with the teachers at this moment — we will be more than happy to answer your emails or discuss anything at Parent-Teacher conferences.

During this event some students take out a big lesson, while other students choose “comfort lessons” or lessons that they have mastered in the classroom. Some children may ask you to do the lessons after he/she presented the lesson to you, while some just want to have snack with you.

Let your child lead you, be present, and enjoy the fleeing moment.
Please, no photos or video; We will capture those precious moments for you!

“ How can we, with our adult minds, know what will be interesting? If you follow the child,…you can find out something new…” Jean Piaget

On Monday April 16th, we will have our second (last one for the year 2017/2018) Parent-Teacher conference. This year we have decided, as a school, to schedule conferences differently. We are using a scheduled Professional Day, Monday April 16th (no children present) to meet with you in the classroom. There are also afternoon time slots on Tuesday – Friday. Although the school is not offering full day childcare because it is a professional day, we are offering childcare for your child during your scheduled conference ( 20-30 minutes).

You will receive your pre-conference questionnaire in the next couple weeks as well as a Progress Report to help guide the conference. The conferences are designed to be an exchange of information between school and home.

Please follow the link to sign up for Parent-Teacher conferences:
Sign Up Link

On Tuesday April 24th we will have a joint Primary and Elementary Parent Education Night. If your child is moving to the elementary program I highly recommend that you attend this education night.

Our classroom will be in full Cultural Immersion/Art Show mode soon. This year our classroom is studying the continent of Africa. We will be studying Africa in depth over the next month, wrapping up all of our learning on Cultural Immersion Day. On this day, each classroom shares their research of the continent they have been studying with the rest of the school and parents. Cultural Immersion Day is combined with the Art Fundraiser (more information to follow). All the classrooms will be open for all families to tour the rooms and admire our children’s work. Each child will be doing an animal study in which they will choose a particular animal and their habitat within Africa. This should be a fun and creative project for the whole family!
**If any families have books, artifacts, pictures, clothing, etc. of Africa, please share them with our class!!

The Full Montessori – The Montessori Method does not only apply to academics and school work. It is a whole philosophy on life and childrearing. As Montessori teachers, we do not only teach the Montessori way to write, read and do math, but also teach the Montessori philosophy every moment that your child is under our care. What do I mean by that? We give your child ample time, space and limits (they do need limits) to develop into a self-reliant, independent, respectful, self-regulated and responsible human being. We do this by allowing him/her to walk themselves into the classroom carrying their lunch boxes, backpacks, etc. Even before walking into the classroom from the playground, we allow them to play or “work out their feelings.” We are there for support and of course for safety. During the “work cycle,” children choose lessons freely, go to the bathroom on their own when needed and without asking for permission. Children have a snack and water when they feel hungry or thirsty. At lunch time they are in charge of opening their own lunch boxes and containers. If the child does not desire to eat we will respect their choices. Students that choose not to eat still sit with us at the lunch table for the duration of lunch. Again, we are there for support and safety. After (and before) nap children are in charge of making their own “bed” and putting away their bedding.

If a child does not desire to nap we will respect their choices. Students that choose not to nap still lay down during the duration of nap. Before going home children take care of their classroom by wiping down tables, sweeping the floor, putting all the lessons away, and feeding the fish.
As Montessori teachers, we teach academics as much as life skills, and teach movement as much as we teach stillness.

Ms. Karina