April Gumbo Limbo Newsletter

Dear Gumbo Limbo Families,

What an amazing Montessori Conference the teachers had! There were many exciting work shops and displays with great ideas throughout. Connecting with fellow teachers and hearing inspirational speeches gave inspiration to all, we certainly had an educationally enlightening time.

With Spring in the air the children have been busy bees in the classroom, working diligently and constructively with their own work. For our Unit study we will be looking more in depth at North America, the Gumbo Limbo’s choice of study for our Cultural immersion

Some students have already started their studies on North America. Each year the Primary and Elementary students choose a Continent, learn about it’s cultures, and create animal habitats, learning about the animals that live there. We combine our end of year Art show with Cultural Immersion,all of the habitats are displayed and the classrooms decorated to show things the students have learned about in their continent study. Each child will be doing an animal study in which they will choose a particular animal and their habitat within North America. Most of their creativity and work will be created at home, we encourage you to help your child with their creativity in displaying their research on their choice of animals. This is such an exciting project!

Some examples of work that students have done in the past are , poster boards, picture book, shoe box sized diorama, models and habitat sanctuary. The ideas are endless! The children will be choosing their animals in the near future and a list will be made available soon. If any families have any books, artifacts, clothing, etc of North America please bring them in, we will look after them really well.

Cultural Immersion Day is combined with the Art fundraiser, the children will be working on their Fundraising art piece as well as their own individual art piece. The materials that the children will be using will include mahogany nuts – if you have any in your garden, please enjoy collecting them with your child and bring them in to school. If any parents would like to come in and help the students with these projects it would be wonderful to have you,(please don’t forget this time can be used towards your parent hours) please don’t hesitate to let me know.

Important Dates:
April 6th is ‘Follow the child’ we have time slots available for this event and a signup will be available on sign up Genius. Please look out for this as this is a really special time for you and your child, it is a chance when your child can be the teacher and show you their favorite lesson or lessons.Your child can have their own special uninterrupted time with you and they are so proud to be able to show you their work! you can relax and follow your child in their learning environment.

We have our Parent /teacher conferences coming up!
I will be creating an on line sign up for Parent/Teacher conferences soon, which will be starting from the week of April 22nd.

Peace, love, and thanks-
Ms Pascale and Ms. Ann