April Cocoplum Newsletter

“Not only can imagination travel through infinite space, but also through infinite time; we can go backwards through the epochs, and have the vision of the earth as it was, with the creatures that inhabited it.”

~Maria Montessori

And forget not that the earth delights to feel your bare feet and the winds long to play with your hair.

~Khalil Gibran

Dear Cocoplum Families:

March came and went with a breeze and was a month filled with a break from our schedule.  We finished studies on Vertebrates and Homo Habilis, and finished reading our much loved novel, Maroo and the Winter Caves, all in time to welcome an evaluation of our learning through the more conventional means- testing.  The Cocoplums faced the sometimes stressful and frustrating task of answering questions with bubble sheets and without their materials with an overwhelming calm and steadfastness.  I am quite proud of their ability to accept the challenge. Their reward, a week respite, was hopefully filled with experiences both new and familiar; socialization with friends, reconnection with family, travel, and relaxation.

Upon return, we commenced our studies of early humans, examining Homo Erectus and his world in comparison to earlier humans in preparation for more detailed research as April progresses.  We began invertebrate studies, a subject we can really put our hands on and will on a field trip to the Key West Aquarium and some exploration of tidal pools nearby.  In April, we can also look forward to preparing for student led conferences scheduled for April 19th.  As our school year gears closer to an end, we don’t slow our work or our minds, but we open ourselves to possibilities of knowledge gained being realized.


Ms. Jennifer