April Banyan New

Dear Banyan Families,

Banyans patiently walked through March and we are gratefully welcoming April as a new month of exploration for everyone! April is cultural studies month. Though cultural studies have been part of our Montessori curriculum all year long, this month we learn about a specific continent, culture, place, and people.

We went to Denver to attend the annual American Montessori Society’s (AMS) conference at the end of March and it was inspiring, amazing, refreshing, and re-assuring to hear more about what we do and how to “Be Montessori” all the time. For example, we learned the importance of our children’s hands and the connection between their brain and hands. Again and again, I am learning the same significant use of our children’s hands and how they need to touch, hold, feel and work with them. Children at this age need love, healthy food, plenty of sleep, opportunity to connect with nature and consistency.

When I came back from the conference, Banyans expressed their love and how they missed me in different ways. I received hugs, pictures, flowers, and letter flowers from older friends. A few friends just chose to stay next to me the whole day and said things like “I wish I could come to school every day and see you, Ms. Karthi,” and “I missed you,” These young adults are teaching me what is most important in life: “The Love.” We can all build a healthy community by arming ourselves with “LOVE.”

“Of all things love is most Important.” – Dr. Maria Montessori

On another note, I got to see, touch, feel and jump into snow for the very first time! Whenever I get a chance to connect with any form of nature, I think that’s all I need, and it refreshes my soul. I always think children feel the same way as well. Let’s help our kids explore nature and live in harmony with our planet Earth.

“When children come into contact with nature, they reveal their strength.”
– Dr. Maria Montessori

Please mark your calendar for April events as it is going to be filled with lots of important events!

April Events

April 5 & 6 BANYAN BAKE SALE – Spring theme – Sign up link 
April 7 Follow the Child – Sign-up link
April 16 NO SCHOOL – Parent Teacher Conferences all day – Sign up link
Free childcare available during your conference time
April 16-20 Parent Teacher Conferences – Sign up link
April 23 Cultural Curriculum begins – Banyans will focus their studies on
April 24 Primary and Elementary Parent Education Night @ 5:30 pm
April 25 Toddler Parent Education Night @ 5:30 pm

This month, Banyans are going to focus on Europe as part of our cultural curriculum studies. We will learn about the countries, famous landmarks, weather, culture, biomes, and animals. Every child will choose an animal from Europe and create a biome/habitat for that animal at home. This biome project is a parent-child project; parents, please talk with your child about the animal: what they eat, what climate they can live, their lifespan, biome, etc. Then help your child create the biome. The primary goal is to spend time with your child and encourage them to build the biome with what is available or collected from nature. We will display all the student’s biomes in our classroom on the BIG DAY, which will be on May 18.

With Respect,
Ms. Karthi and team